Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Woman Vs. Navel

Have I said before that I went a little crazy during my self-help experiments? I did, what with the constant focus on my flaws, my actions, me, me, me.

So, with that under my belt, this is what I'm not doing:

Obsessively refreshing the Amazon page to find out Practically Perfect's ranking;

Obsessively reflecting on Barbara Kingsolver's new book and how everyone I know is reading it and how I myself have purchased a copy of it and how I know that many many people reading her book might like mine and why she is on the bestseller list and how she totally deserves it and, damn it, it's not a competition and this is why no one (okay, Brandon) likes to play Scrabble with you, Jennifer;

Googling self;

Flipping to the book review section of any of the three trillion periodicals that come to this house and scanning for one title (and we all know which one that is);

And reflecting on the careers and career timelines of writers I admire, as if my fate lies somewhere scrambled in this data .

I'm trying, anyway.


Kathy/Lessons from the Laundry said...

Love it! Why does seeing our name in print, or on Google, or an anonymous accolade make our insecure hearts soar? Don't know, but it works. I hope you see yours often today.

I just got my Brain Child yesterday and am going to get your book today. I'll even leave you an Amazon review so you'll have something new to check.


P.S. I just got an agent, who just sent my stuff out and I check my email and blog like my obsessed pre-teen waiting for new preview songs from Highschool Musical 2. And that's a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jen,

*I'm* obsessively checking Google for you, so you don't have to do it! Glad to see someone is writing an Amazon review for you--I was going to suggest that...

I'm loving the book and am sure it will find its place in the world--even in our cynical age of 24/7 celebrity-obsessed news cycles, these things take time.

Question for you: what happened to all those swear words you promised us? Did they take them *all* out? As you know, that's my favorite part of any discourse...


Jennifer said...

Kathy, I know what you mean--I once went out for a celebratory dinner because I got a rejection letter with a personal note on it. (And thanks a ton for getting the book and doing the Amazon review!)

And don't you worry, Trace--plenty of swears remain...

kathie said...

OMG, Jennifer, you are so funny. I heard about your book at a conference where Dan Lazar spoke and I put it on my list of TBR's. I didn't realize it was out, so I'll get it right away. Your post is hilarious and makes me even more positive that, your walk through the self-help aisle will hit my funny bone. What a fantastic idea. I also love Brain Child and am thrilled to find out you're the editor. Anyway, congrats and I can't wait to read.