Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Get Used to It

Who is that woman at the concert screaming the lyrics the entire time? Why, it's me!

Brandon and I are going to see They Might Be Giants tonight. Concerts seem to me to be close to the platonic ideal of a good time in that they combine many things I love: singing, beer, dancing of the vaguely dirty kind. As a bonus, They Might Be Giants tends to perform songs under five minutes long. I'm not a fan of the "jam."

(Brandon used to be in a band, Baaba Seth that, while very good and enjoyable, could spend, like, twenty minutes on one song. All right, guys. My beer's getting warm and I apparently didn't warm up properly. Can we get back to the chorus?)

Anyway, I'm excited about this upcoming pleasure. Research--that is, psychologists--has found that we tend to habituate to any given pleasure so, in order to increase the pleasure, we should try to spread out pleasurable experiences. In other words, if I went to a concert every night, I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much. It's the old everything-in-moderation argument.

It's likely a good idea and dovetails nicely with the parenthood lifestyle. But what I find more pleasurable than one beer at a concert? Downing one beer, then ordering another quickly before it's time to start my audience singing again.


John said...

I am so jealous. I've seen TMBG a handful of times or so. Always a great show. Don't count on them not jamming. They used to go on for awhile with Istanbul and Spy. Who knows what they're doing these days.

Jennifer said...

You know, I'd forgotten about that! I try to go every time I can. (I have my *cassette* of Flood autographed by John Flansburgh.)

Do you know their podcasts? There's one in particular that features fake political messages about John Hodgman (he's a better cat-sitter than another guy, etc.) Oh my, it's good.