Thursday, May 31, 2007


So, this morning I was sending out emails to Brain, Child subscribers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I want to meet these people, who I think of as my community; my love for Brain, Child and its readers is deep and real.

It is also apparently too big for the Verizon Online Abuse Team's liking. They suspended my ability to send outgoing mail for twenty-four hours and no matter what tone I took (in this case, a tone of I Am Displeased Yet I Also Understand That You Are Probably Helpless in the Face of the Corporate Giant For Which You Work, followed by the tone of I Am Shameless Really and Can't You Hear That I'm About to Cry?), no dice.

Anyhoo, if you sent me an email, I likely received it but I just can't reply. UNLESS you are the woman who sent the lovely email about speaking at a salon in SF--would you mind resending?

Well, back to trying to find someone who can free my Nigerian fortunes from that Swiss bank account, I guess.


Libby said...

I know right now you're heading for out of town dates, but do you want to come to Richmond one of these days? It's so close...and we have bookstores, too!

Jennifer said...

That sounds great--as long as we can go out for dinner afterwards again!

Heather Annastasia said...

You can forget about the Nigerian fortunes.

I have outgoing mail capabilities, and I'm corresponding with the exiled King Imbutu right now.

Sorry about your luck!