Friday, May 4, 2007

A Quiz That Will Help No One

Eight-year-old boy or a stereotypical cranky old man? TAKE THE CHALLENGE!
  1. When presented with dinner, says, "Peas? Who told you I wanted peas?"
  2. Has a special name for occurrence when one only has to wipe once after moving bowels: "Lucky poop."
  3. Has little use for babies.
  4. Before entering bathroom, announces, "I might be a while."
  5. Has a particular word used in the same situations and with the same inflection as other people might use with the F-word.
  6. Has no compunction about telling people to turn the music down.
  7. Very interested in own savings.
  8. Tooth loss.
  9. Occasionally accuses loved ones of stealing belongings.
  10. Likes to wear pants up high. Real high.


Dawn said...

Heh -- have you heard that Dana Carvey routine? By the way, I think this oldster lives at our house, too, and he's a mean old codger!

BarbaraCA said...

If mine is like that at 7, what will he be like by 8?

Lauren said...

Please do tell us what his special curse word is!

I used to "joke" that I used the same manipulative tactics on my 78-year-old father that I use on my boys. It all boils down to making them think that everything is THEIR idea. It's too much work, though.

Jennifer said...

Hey, I'd forgotten about the Dana Carvey thing!

The word is "buff." It's actually a pretty good substitute.