Friday, May 11, 2007

Mixed Nuts

Listen, I'm not one to pass up a holiday, particularly when I can score some new electronics. But I was just thinking about this Mother's Day, and it occurred to me that more than a few people I know are going to be experiencing mixed emotions on Sunday.

(Mixed emotions, sort of fitting for Mother's Day, no?

I'm as happy as a boy can be
Because I'll act like an insane monkey at brunch,
Yet Mommy still loves me!)

So, anyway, this is just to say that I'm thinking of everyone whose holiday will be bittersweet.
Confidential to Mamasan: Your fabulous gift from us is, apparently, "in progress," according to the internet. Until then, this is will have to do in the putting-a-smile-on-your-face department.

I love you, you amazing lady. See you in a couple weeks!