Monday, May 7, 2007

Tag, You're "It"

I've about given up on trying to figure out what the various things on Practically Perfect's Amazon page mean. Because at this stage of the game--ten days before the book even comes out, not that I'm completely OCD about counting down the days--I'm pretty sure that a lot of what's on there means nothing. The "tags," for example, mean that someone might have pre-ordered my book and also ordered other books--those books' tags are what show up. Maybe. I don't know for sure.

Last Friday, I checked out PPIEW's page and found the many tags that were assigned to "books like" mine. What sort subtitle could make these tags appropriate?

The tag, "Wife of gay man," for instance. Practically Perfect in Every Way: Except the Way in Which I Get to Have Sex With My Husband

"Boring." Practically Perfect in Every Way: A 962-Page Catalogue of The Findings from the Author's Latest Dermatological Examination

"Useless apology." Practically Perfect in Every Way: I'm Sorry If You Feel That Way

And my favorite: "homegrown." Practically Perfect in Every Way: Recipes That Will Taste SO SO Good, If You See What I'm Getting At

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