Friday, July 6, 2007

Strike One

I'd had a plan for the blog: to interview people who appear in the book about happiness, self-help, character, luck, all the stuff that make up PPIEW. That might be interesting for people who read and liked the book, I thought. Or for me, at least.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those muggy, mosquito-y, stay-side kind of afternoons, and I thought I'd get the ball rolling. When you start leaving posts from the perspective of your dog, it's time, no?

So I sat down with the principal player in Chapter Four, and guess what? I conducted the whole interview, but no dice on posting it. He says he doesn't want to be "too famous." Oh, those poor Jolie-Pitt sons-a-bitches, you could almost hear him thinking.

Hopefully, everyone else will succumb to my evil fame-making master plan. Because I am that powerful.

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BarbaraCA said...

Tag! You're on!