Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Carolina on My Mind

I went to Charlotte because my sister Krissy, whom you might know from Chapter 3, lives there. I love Krissy for many reasons, but one is that I know that I will have a good time around her just because she's Krissy. Here is a picture of her looking sassy:

We stayed at Krissy's and her husband John's house; Caleb and I were in the room that had the Wii (which was exciting for Caleb) and the bed with the pink pillow on it (which Caleb requested be removed, and sooner rather than later).

I think, maybe, that Charlotte must be some kind of mecca for excellent people. I read at Joseph-Beth Booksellers and Jamie, the event coordinator? Excellent. The discussion at the bookstore? Excellent. Krissy's posse of ladies? Excellent.

And Jody Mace? Who's a frequent contributor to Brain, Child and who I always thought ran a damn fun house? Excellent. I got to meet Jody and her family. I've been reading about her kids since they were little, and it was strange (in a good way) to meet them in person. The whole family's charming--and Kyla has this thick, gorgeous hair I'd kill for.

Thanks to everyone who made this book tour all that I'd hoped it would be. As a wise duo of men once said, you make-a my dreams come true.

And Krissy? For now, we'll go on living ... separate lives.


Jody said...

Thanks, it was great meeting you too. I'll pass your compliment about Kyla's hair onto her. As you can imagine, at 12, she hates her hair.

Jennifer said...

Jody, please please look me up the next time you pass through C'ville! (And I found that website you were talking about--that's the sort of art I can handle!)

Hope your week's going well!

Krissy said...

I loved having you guys here, Jen! I miss you already!

Jody said...

Keep that website in mind for Halloween costumes too!

Gaijin Mama said...

Hey, I'd love to hang out with you. Why don't you do a book tour in Japan? :-)

Jennifer said...

Don't I wish, Suzanne! Hey, are you coming to the U.S. to promote LOSING KEI?

Gaijin Mama said...

Yes, I'll do a little book tour, but probably not till next summer. I want to be in the States when Losing Kei comes out in print on January 1, so we're going to South Carolina for Christmas.