Friday, July 27, 2007

Let Me Entertain You

Or not me, exactly. Mama needs a new computer, and I got some work to do. But in the meanwhile:

--Ms. Tracy Mayor has started blogging. Do you know Tracy Mayor? She's on staff at Brain, Child and has brought you hilarious things like this, and smart and well-researched things like the feature we ran on birth control for mothers. Good golly, I love her work. And really, I love just gabbing with her on the phone. Go ahead and start reading--you can say you've been there since the git-go.

--I was at the bookstore last night, trying to prove something to myself: that you can find books that you've never heard of and that they will be good. Well. I wound up with Jincy Willett's Jenny & the Jaws of Life. (I know, other, more with-it, people have actually heard of her.) Two hours later, I'm on the couch and I think the right for it is "swooning." I'm trying to read slowly. Savor it, as the positive psychology experts would say. Just read the home page of her website. I told you so.

--For my birthday, Brandon and Caleb got me the latest TMBG. To be honest, when Brandon and I went to the concert in May, I was a little annoyed that the band played so much off its new CD. I need time to learn the lyrics, so as to better shout them at the top of my lungs. But I'm loving the new album. This clip has the extra bonus of watching a man take the world's longest swallow of water.


Kristin Ohlson said...

I love TMBG. Now I think I'm going to love Jincy. Jincy! Never heard of her, but that just shows how out of it I am.

Dawn said...

but Tracy doesn't have an RSS feed! I can't read blogs without 'em because I forget to check. And I'm sad about it because I'm already liking her blog. (So hint to her -- RSS feed!)