Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Oh, it's not the end of the blog. But it's taken me this long to realize the very best thing about writing a memoir is that everything that happens afterwards, you can render in dramatic epilogue-speak. (As much as I'd like to, I can't, in good conscience, render this in the over-the-top Cheaters-style version of the epilogue, wherein they attempt a return to classiness, e.g., Sonya reports that although she was upset by Darryl's decision to start dating his step-sister, she's since moved on and is busy with a new career in the adult entertainment industry.)

So, if you're new to the blog and just finished the book, this one's for you:

--Brandon left his commute-intensive job in sumer of 2006. He nows works five minutes from home and reports that the quality of life is greatly improved, as are the family's dinners now that he can cook and save them all from the increasingly half-hearted attempts at nourishment once forged by his wife.

--Don't even ask about the co-sleeping thing.

--Those ten pounds? I picked back up on the very delicious book tour.

--I've been plagued with a nightmare that Dr. Phil's producers call me. They want me on the show to "set the record straight" or "see if this dog hunts" or "talk about flyswatters and flapjacks" or whatever. "No," I say indignantly. "Dr. Phil is a bully and I won't be part of it."

--I continued my work with the Virginia Organizing Project. The VOP's Joe Szakos and Kristin Layng Szakos came out with a book called We Make Change, which is an excellent read for those of us wanting to understand what a community organizer actually does, or for those of us who are both sociable and into social/economic justice and are looking for a new career.

--Life goes on in its complicated and messy way, but I can report that, for today at least, I am fine!


Jody said...

Yeah, whatever you do, turn down Dr. Phil's (theoretical) invitation. But you got me thinking, there should be a website to generate new Dr. Phil sayings. Like the websites that tells you your stripper name?

Jennifer said...

How do you do the stripper name again? First name is your first pet, last name, your grandmother's maiden name? If that's true, I'm Chance Crawford. What's yours?