Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Note to Self

This morning, I was on the back porch when I heard a woman calling, kind of frantically, "Jenny! Jenny!" Hardly anyone calls me Jenny anymore (just my family and old friends), but my heart sped up and my face got hot and I leaned over the porch.

"YES?!" I yelled out. I am here! Please identify yourself and your emergency! And also why you're being so familiar with me!

Turns out, our neighbor was calling for her German Shepard, named Jenny. It's been a full day like that, what I call the twisted-glove feeling in the book. I'm twitchy, ready to ignite with adrenaline at a moment's notice. No good reason.

I've tried to do a little meditation. I've tried to live in the moment, enjoying my lunch with Brandon and Caleb. I'm going to dig into one of my books that I bought on the trip down South. Mostly, though, I'm trying to just be okay with it. Inexplicably crappy days happen. They also end. Preferably, in this case, with a nice, cold drink.


Tracy said...

I have a recurring bad day, too, but of a slightly different nature; a total-body communication block. Nobody will return my phone calls or email; when I speak, my loved ones look at me like I'm conversing in Parseltongue. Even the dog looks puzzled.

Then next morning, it's all gone. So now I try to take it as a sign that I need to hibernate, or at least shut up, for a day.

A cold drink also helps this problem, I've noticed. Can we get a sponsor for this blog?

Jennifer said...

Hey, Grey Goose--we're talking to you.

Jody said...

Did it bug you, maybe just a tiny bit, that the dog's name was Jenny? Lots of dogs' are named Charlie and some people that I know pretty well named their dog Charlie even after knowing that my son's name was Charlie, and I know that the world doesn't revolve around me or my family, but it still sort of bugged me. (Now you'll say "No, why would I care if a dog's name is Jenny" and I'm going to feel self-centered and stupid. But don't worry. This isn't all about me.)

I hope you're feeling better.

Jennifer said...

No, it IS weird. But I give my dogs people names (mostly ones that Brandon vetoed with the human dependent), so, you know, pot, kettle, black.