Monday, February 25, 2008

The Suggested Soundtrack

So. I was mentioning earlier that one of the things I’ve been rolling around in my head is a possible soundtrack for Practically Perfect in Every Way (strictly for my own amusement. Well—and yours, too.) I started out thinking that this would be a hoot, but by the end, I felt strangely earnest about every selection. You know why? It’s like making a mixed tape. So, in a Cusackian pose, boom box over head, I play you the following:

You give me a metaphor, They Might Be Giants, and I take it literally.

On the other hand, I go with this metaphor.

(The actual song starts around the minute mark.)

I haven’t listened to the lyrics carefully; please know I mean nothing untoward.

Positive Psychology:
Too bad it's such a great song for "Magnolia."


Like this one could have been anything else.

The Soul:
Love the song.


jessica said...

Re; The marriage selection - you're a headbanger! Who knew?

Re; The David Bryne one. I love him. There is a David Byrne playlist Internet Radio station that I can listen to in short bursts, and then I remember I am not that edgy.

I met David Byrne once when he was signing a photo book, and he had just done Rei Momo, and I had just been in Brazil. Wow - a commonality! So I said to him,
"Brazil's a really cool place, huh?"
He said,"Yeah."
I said, "Huh. Okay then. Bye."

I so suck.

You did a ton of work loading up your video playlist. I am impressed.

If my book were lyrics, I would want Lowell George to sing the whole book. That's the tone I'm going for. Except Lowell George is dead. Dang.


Jennifer said...

Hey, at least he agreed Brazil's a cool place!

I had to look up Lowell George--Little Feat guy, right? That would a cool soundtrack. Hmm. I'm thinking.

Gina said...

This was fun - nice selections. I didn't even recognize Stephen Malkmus!