Wednesday, February 6, 2008


On Friday, Caleb had an impromptu part-ay. It got to be around dinner time and we had a bunch of his friends at the house. We try to eat out on Friday so les chefs don’t get all resentful and burned out, but it was rainy and nasty. So we rustled up some pizza and the kids hung out here, playing Uno Attack (thanks, Aunt Kathy!) as if it were poker night.

Caleb’s the age now that I can remember being. It’s a weird thing, and I can imagine it older gets weirder when your kids are teenagers, or adults themselves. When I was Caleb’s age, my best friend was Michele Davis; she had red hair and glasses that I coveted. Her mom, Julie, babysat my sister and me after school, and it was in this way that I became better acquainted with The Guiding Light. (It guided me to a love of cliff-hangers.) Michele’s older sister was Lisa, and I was so jealous that she had homework. One night, Erin and I spent the night at the Davises, and we listened to records. All four of us started sobbing when Barry Manilow’s “Mandy” came on. What can I say? She came and she gave without taking.

I’ve been feeling a little bad lately about now keeping up with my friendships. I value them, but it’s been all work and furtive, late-night play for me. I never got around to the January party I’d planned on throwing. In two weeks’ time, life will be back to its far-away deadlines, but perspective? I miss ya.


Dawn said...

I think about that a lot. Remembering how I felt at X age has made parenting a lot easier except lately because now that Noah is heading into the tweens, he's so much his own person having his own experiences. It's no longer possible for me to say, "Oh well developmentally..." I'm not looking forward to handling the teens well. Ugh.

Jennifer said...

At least (I'm hoping) there won't be any bad perms to contend with!

laundrylessons said...

Reliving your youth through your children is one of those unexpected gifts of parenting. Just this week I showed my 13 year old a picture of me at prom. I had to prove to her that I didn't wear total 80's Dynasty sleeves on my dress. Friendships from every age should be honored even if you don't keep in touch. That person was important and helped form you and your memories. I email my grade school buddy once a month or so, and feel young everytime I do it.

Jennifer said...

What? No 80s Dynasty sleeves?!

We lost touch a long time ago, and I have no idea how to find her, but I'd love to.