Thursday, February 21, 2008

An Opinion

My piece that will be in the Washington Post’s Outlook section on Sunday went online this morning! I’m a whole lot of excited.

I also got an email from Laura Schlessinger, whom you who might know as Dr. Laura. She read it. She wanted me to know that she earned her Ph.D. in physiology but also has many other credentials and that I should have included them in my piece “for the purposes of journalistic integrity.”

I’m hoping this attention from the good doctor means I’m officially in the cabal of left-wing media types. If so, will someone please teach me the secret handshake? I’m waiting.


BarbaraCA said...

Oh my GOD! You are my hero! How about we team up in retro wrestling outfits and go after her and Anne Coulter? Smack Down!

Fjord Fjell said...

Just read your piece in the Washington Post. Congrats.
I'm probably not your typical demographic - 63 years old, father of 4 (ages 42-20, Norwegian but lived 42 years in the USA. Anyway - reading your piece my brain neurons were firing: The best (and last) self help book I've read is _Lost in the Cosmos: The last Self Help Book_ by the now deceased Catholic novelist Walker Percy. The middle section is a very illuminating section called -A Semiotic Primer of the Self: A Short History of the Cosmos with Emphasis on the Nature and Origin of the Self, plus a Semiotic Model for Computing Impoverishment in the Midst of Plenty, or Why it is Possible to Feel Bad in a Good Environment and Good in a Bad Environment.
Excellent read.
Anther book I flashed on while reading your piece was Harold Bloom's _The American Religion_ where he posits that American religion (and Americans) are by nature Gnostic, of which one manifestation is the belief by that there exists some secret knowledge that will give the seeker -fill in the blank.
One final note. You mention the whole Claiming Personal Responsibility thing. A perfect philosophy for an atomized culture where everyone is left to their own devices, late capitalism.
Am reminded of a book review I read of a book titled _The Natural History of the War on Cancer_ (think that's the title) where the author points out that in the sixties and seventies researchers were looking at environmental causes, and that it all changed with Reagan - the focus shifted to Lifestyle Choices (not completely but overwhelmingly so).

I'll end with a quote from Ingrid Undset: ‘‘Most marriages run aground because the two people have tried to know each other too well''

Nicole said...

Your piece was great. Congrats. I am a believer in personal responsibility, the decision to be happy, and for the most part we make our own luck with planning and attitude. Of course bad things can and do happen all the time; bad things without apparent cause or reason. But good luck does seem to be more likely for those that help themselves, or at least believe in themselves.

The Secret is a crock. I can't believe how many people have thrown good money, time and energy at that make-believe nonsense. If wishing made things happen, well how many of us would have had ponies when we were 8?!?

I have read more than my share of self-help books, but I think the real help I have received from books have all come from books about Buddhism. Buddhism, to me, is the ultimate self-help.

lol said...


We call her the fake doctor in Santa Barbara. How long did she practice physiology? Does she have any documentation? Her MFCC has been inactive for years and no proof in reality she practiced. The Bill Ballance version of her "credentials" is more believable.

“for the purposes of journalistic integrity.”
Did she actually say that? I'm laughing so hard I'm in tears!

Have you checked out the most journalistic integrity challegened news paper in this country with a most journalistic integrity challegened columnist? [check out the documentary "Citizen McCaw"] The Santa Barbara News-Press and A2 Laura Schlessinger's (alleged local) column. "A slash of lipstick to up my sex appeal" and her "feminism" is her idea of what is local. She rallies to recruit soldiers, but won't say boo about the equipment problems that are killing them.

I'm looking forward to verification of the "many other credentials" and that you should have magically known to include. The woman is 60, why hasn't she made these more pubic before? I've heard of a MFCC and maybe one more.

The CAMIE [Character And Morality In Entertainment] website says "Dr. Laura Schlessinger is the nation's conscience. With her background as a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor and psychologist". Psychologist? She use to say things like that all the time.

Congratulations!! Good topic, great job!

jessica said...

WORK that platform! Terrific essay, great placement. (And I'll sign up to go after Anne Coulter, too!)

On the "slash of lipstick" front, who was that self-help woman in the 70s who suggested that women wrap their naked selves in plastic wrap and greet their husbands at door?

Jody said...

Great piece! Did she really say "physiology?" What does that have to do with lipstick? (I feel like I should know the answer to that question somehow.)

Also relevant, have you read last week's Newsweek? Happiness is overrated anyway. It's just a fad.


Anjali said...


The piece and the sentiment.

KHE said...

The "good doctor" seems a bit on the defensive! Congrats on your published piece in the Wash Post.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, everybody!

I'll be getting fitted for my costume this week.

Julianne said...

Please ignore my previous post.

I'm a little behind on the blog reading. Going to read the article right now...

Betsy said...

I enjoyed Take This Advice and Shelve It. We need to hear that!

I'm curious, Schlessinger claims "many other credentials" but offers no verification? How long did she practice physiology? She must repeat after each radio claim as a doctor that her Ph.D. is in physiology and a complete explanation of her performance as a doctor of physiology and a "moral" advice expert. She has inflicted great harm to so many with her deception. If the FCC lets her get by with this public display, I hope someone else can expose her.


The Mater said...

Congrats, Jenn! So well written. Beware of physiologists in psychologists' clothing. Now, let me go take a time-out in my happy place. If I'm lucky, I'll find it.

Do you want to run for President in '12?