Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Links Will Be My Avatar

I don’t think I’m using the word “avatar” correctly. Anyhow, I’m all sick and tired and antibodized. And self-Googling:

--A few weeks ago, I did this interview with Coy Barefoot, whom I know from way back in the day. It was fun. Also, I’m kicking myself for taking credit for the tone of an entire publication. It wasn’t all me, but looking back, I’m amazed at the things Hawes (my editor) let me write. (Like a parody of The Bridges of Madison County, if it were set in the Charlottesville area.) Go on and click, if you can stand the adenoidal voice. Also, Coy’s show is great—before I went on air, he had someone there talking about the Natural Bridge (one of the seven natural wonders!), and he regularly has the editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review on. Goooood stuff.

--I get to be part of the Virginia Festival of the Book this year! If you’re looking for a reason to visit Charlottesville, this is it, baby.

--I was totally over the moon when the Book Slut site included Brain, Child in its Magazine Whore column! Doesn't everybody read Book Slut? Everyone should. If not, this is a good place to start. Just saying.

So, if you've made it down this far into the self-promotion, I'm assuming you're my mom. Hi, Mamasan. Love you.


Attiton said...

For what it's worth, Jennifer, I totally agree with that Magazine Whore review. I am a new mother and Brain, Child inspires me at every turn. I've gone so far as to order back copies and share them around. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, A.! (And that's on behalf of us all.)

Sean Tubbs said...

Thanks for posting the link. If any of your readers tried visiting today, they would have met with a very frustrating lack of show. The situation has been resolved now, so please go and listen!

ChrEliz said...

Now I really can't wait to read this book. My vacation can't get here soon enough! I saw your post on Olin's CarePage - there's person/family #2 in common! My daughter is in Maya's class. And Coy Barefoot makes #3. This is such a small town. I love it.

You totally didn't take credit for being the voice of Cville Review. Coy made that attribution, you blushed, and there wasn't really an opportunity for you to start crediting all contributors to that culture/tone. Anyway, don't worry about it, you didn't come across as taking credit at all. It was a great interview. And you don't have a nasally voice, either!


Beth Hannon Fuller said...

wow, what a terrific review. I like her hope that she would be a Brain,Child mom. It's exactly the way I thought before I had kids (and you guys allowed me to be "on staff", SWF that I was at the time!)
my, i can't write...2 week old baby attached to me!