Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Wouldn't Be Here

Except Brandon is snoring in way that sounds like, “Pompeii. Pompeii.” And you know what? I don’t need to be thinking about Mount Vesuvious. I’m tired.

We stayed up too late last night because we remembered at the last minute that Caleb had homework and he claimed that he “deserved” to stay up until ten. This seemed like a good-ish idea until this morning because we’ve been sleeping in late, except when I saw him at the bus stop yawning in the freezing cold and I felt very, very sorry for him. He had to go to school when I had the option of shuffling back into bed. I didn’t, but I made up a song.

It’s motherfucking cold out here.
It’s motherfucking cold out here.
It’s motherfucking cold out here.
It’s cold.

You can sing it to whatever tune you please.

So these are my resolutions:

1. Get enough sleep.
2. Plan a party for January because January is long and cold. That, my friends, is reason enough.


Melissa said...

And will you sing your song at your party? I'm thinking a sing-along might be in order. In rounds? To set the tone of the gathering?

Devra said...

Seriously, we need to check our DNA and see if we have some kind of connection. This is way too disturbing to be a mere coincidence. That song was going thru my head this morning! Only replace the word "damn" for "fuck" and I can name that tune in three notes.

Instead of resolutions, I set a goal. I want to be less round. Eventually. is where I posted about that. If I were more tech savvy I would put some kind of link thing.
If you have a karaoke party in January and invite me, I promise to bring hand warmers.

Julianne said...

That song will bring me great comfort when I am cold. Thank you so much. I'm teaching it to my kids tomorrow morning when it is 17 degrees outside. Yikes!

Kelly said...

I sang that song yesterday morning. It was very cold. Under 10 degrees and windy, so subzero. But I was out there after a valerian induced 11 hour sleep so it wasn't so bad. I still sang the song, though.