Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ringy Ding

So, I see the Do Not Call registry is back in the news. The list is expiring, and we all have to re-up if we don't want the telemarketers ringing us.

When the registry first started, I wrote this piece for Alternet about the time I spent working at a telemarketing center with my sister Erin. When I wrote it, I felt vaguely worried about what happened to the other women at the center. It was a bad job, but it paid better than retail or fast food. These days, I'd be surprised if the center still existed—or any comparable job.
In other Newsweek-reported news: a profile of Republican presidential primary candidate Fred Thompson. I quote: "He was smart; everyone knew it," says Chunky Moore, a former classmate. "He just wasn't real interested in school."

If I am ever famous enough to have a profile written about me, I pray that my intelligence will not be assessed by a grown person named "Chunky."


laundrylessons said...

Let's only hope it was a misprint...Chuckie??? How scary. Thanks for the book that arrived last week. I love adding fresh meat to the stack! So many books so little time.

jessica said...

Yep, Tennessee. Chunky. But hell, (say, 'hay-el') I went to school with a kid called Dickey-Bird, so what do I know?

Julianne said...

Why does Chunky have to be from Tennessee? Why not Arkansas or Mississippi?

My poor children are native Tennesseeans. I should have crossed state lines when I gave birth.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I wish I could believe it were Chuckie. But I think this is all over. Brandon used to work with a grown man named "Bootie" (appropriately, he'd call at night about work things. Get it? The Bootie call?) That's the area where Caleb was born.

Dickey-Bird is a good name for...something, isn't it? Not a kid necessarily, but I could see how that would catch on.