Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Thank you for coming back. I understand that many of my recent posts are not in the least amusing. I've temporarily lost my flow, people, that thing that makes work gratifying. I think this might be because I'm spending all of my time watching and rewatching Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Help me.

Help me stop rooting for Heather.

Help me stop watching Bret, who is a rocker yes, but also a womanizing gossip who should have stopped Heather from getting his name tattooed her neck.

Help me to cease coveting Jes's hair and getting drawn in by what Bret is looking for in a lady. (That list includes an interest in rocking, in motorcross, in football, in partying, and in "passion" generally.)

Help me remember that I wasn't into Poison the first time around.

Help me with the stray thoughts that wander into my mind, like "I wonder what Sam is doing now."

Help me to get off the Internet, so I'll be unable to answer that Sam is finishing up her Master's degree.

I'm afraid it's too late for this series. But I have to conquer this problem before Flavor of Love Season III starts. I have work to do.


Beth Hannon Fuller said...

Hey there,
Bobby is big Jes fan. I love the pink too but with curly hair I don't think I could pull it off!

Julianne said...

I have two articles due this week and how did I spend my children's nap time? Watching the two episodes of Rock of Love that I missed while on vacation. I'm hooked on that show and have dedicated an entire blog entry to the mystery of Bret Michael's hair/bandanna: Is he bald? Does he just think he looks cool?

I did find it odd that Bret still had the bandanna on both mornings after gettin' some lovin' from Jes and Lacie. I'd say that's a hard and fast bald confirmation.

I'm rooting for Heather too. Fret not, the season's almost over. Flava Flav is NOT must-see TV :)

Devra said...

Let's make a deal. You stop watching Rock of Love and I'll stop watching The Fashionista Diaries.

Maybe this is the same sort of phenomenon that sucks children into watching Barney. I'm thinkin' maybe it is...

BarbaraCA said...

I am so crazy about the show! It brings up so many metaphysical questions! Examples:
Why is Bret orange?
Why can't Bret get better quality extensions?
Why does Bret think looking sexy means making the pouty fish lip face?
Is Heather actually in her early 50s?
Is Lacey secretly a Rhodes Scholar?
Do I actually lose brain cells every time I watch?

Jennifer said...

I think on one of the very early episodes, they did show Bret with an uncovered head and "thinning" might be the right word.