Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hello, U.K.

If I ever go to the U.K., I already know what I'll do. I'll sit and eavesdrop all day long. I love the accent, love the slang, love the different words (Amazon will "dispatch" books!). I love how the questions are not really inflected as questions, are they.

This came out in the Times of London today, and thank God because I could barely hold my breath about it any longer. I had a great conversation with the reporter, Carol Midgley. When it was over, she said, "Brilliant!" (It took me a sec to understand that she meant it in the way that I mean "Excellent!" Which is to say, "I'm done! Let's stop talking!") Still, I was tickled that I briefly believed that I had been a brilliant conversationalist.

I can't even begin to describe how rock star I felt at the photo shoot. First off, check out Shahar's website. Then, understand that I changed my clothes three times. Then, imagine how excited I was to learn that all those hours of watching America's Next Top Model paid off in a small way! I did different poses! Sadly, I forgot to be 100 pounds or even remotely "fierce."


Jody said...

Brilliant! I love the article. Did you see that one comment, though? You should have just read the bible.

BarbaraCA said...

I read the Bible, but my sink is still a mess.

jessica said...

Brilliant!!!!! I couldn't stop giggling at the word "niggle" though. Who SAYS that? Brits.

You're an international star!

I loved the photo (hi!) and thought it was pretty interesting that one of the on-line comments was from someone in Atlanta, about city planning. You drove around here with me - she's right.

And yeah, I have a Bible around here somewhere. And a big pile of laundry, niggling at me.

Julianne said...

Great article. You're International!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I was taken aback by the Bible comment, too. But you know, that could be a good proposal--taking all the advice in the Bible. (I saw this Julia Sweeney skit where she has God as a student in her writing workshop. Too many contradictions was her take.)

Elrena said...

Oh, congratulations Jennifer!

Smashing. :)

jessica said...

I had a kid in a writing workshop once who wanted to INTERVIEW g-d. Me, too, I told him, but this is a nonfiction workshop. You can't do the interview and bring me back a tape or a transcript. If you can, we've got a whole 'nother story on our hands.

He ended up writing about an art fair. Bummer.

Jennifer said...

I just realized that I get a goodly amount of my impressions of the UK from Ab Fab.

Man, I would have loved to read the interview with God. I'm assuming no one would have to clean up His quotes.