Friday, April 4, 2008

Watch Out, Internet

I got an email the other day, titled “whas sup.”

Hi you got plans today? Anyway loveya
Caleb (your son)

Yep. That Caleb. Caleb got an email account. He and Brandon set it up while I was across the room on my own computer.

I wonder how long it’s going to take him to figure out that when I say I’m going upstairs to check my email and come down forty-five minutes later that I’m not only checking email but sneaking away for a game of online Scrabble. Let’s not even tell him about the blog.


Julianne said...

There will be hell to pay when my kids discover my blog. It should make for some generational angst in ten years or so with all of these kids of blogger Mamas revealing their embarrassing secrets in cyberspace.

Jennifer said...

I think it was Dawn Friedman ( who said that the first kid whose mother blogged about him or her will have an amazing book deal.

Brené said...

In 2033, therapists across the country will be helping our children heal from the wounds created by mothers who blogged. I'm sure pharmaceutical companies are already lobbying to get the diagnosis in the DSM so they can medicate it: Overdisclosed blogitis or blog-abandonment.