Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Which Is More Awkward?

The remote control was lying on the couch; someone must have sat on it and changed the channel to a non-kid one. Nine-year-old son is home sick. After lunch, mother and son retire to the living room to watch some cartoons together. A commercial is on. Before mother realizes the content of this commercial, it's over and son has a question for her: "What is herpie?"


Mother, daughter, and grandparents are relaxing after dinner. All agree they'd like to watch a movie from the on-demand feature on the satellite television. Daughter suggests "The Black Dahlia." It takes a while to get into. And then, maybe forty-five minutes into it, daughter watches in horror as the plot takes a turn. She is at that moment watching lesbian soft porn with her mother and grandparents.


BarbaraCA said...

Oh, the second one, no question. Mom could always a) lie about a "herpie" or otherwise confabulate it (just discuss the cold sore on the mouth version).

For the second scenario, I do hope there was wine handy, and also a magazine to pretend to flip through when things got funky.

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

Oh! The second is so funny!

Julianne said...

#2. Watching lesbian soft porn with my grandma might be the most horrifying visual I can imagine.

Melissa said...

Definitely #2.

#1, well, with those commercials in existence, it was gonna happen sometime. But you could live your whole life and never have to go through #2.