Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If It’s Ugly and You Love It, Clap Your Hands

Many moons ago, Brandon and I went furniture shopping. We fell in love with a huge tangerine-colored leather couch, and somehow got caught up in the fantasy that this thing would last even an hour in our house. These are mean streets here, what with the dogs’ nails and the boy’s rivets on his jeans and the general hard livin’. (So hard we can’t even be bothered with the g’s.)

As nineties band Belly might say, sometimes there’s no poison like a dream. This weekend, my dream of living in a Pottery Barn catalogue officially died. We are the owners of some blue puffy furniture. It’s powerful ugly, and I love it.

In truth, it might not be so much ugly (unlike the camo armchair we saw at the same store) as tacky. Last night, I sat on the couch, the section that reclines. I pulled down the section with the drink holders. (You heard me right.) I saw down with my book and my beer and when Luna popped up next to me and started licking her paw, I nudged her, but didn’t freak out. This motherfucker is indestructible. However tacky the couch may be, indestructability brings its own sort of peace.

Thar she blows:


Gina said...

But the dogs are so cute that no one will even notice the couch!

Jody said...

I don't think it's ugly at all. But I have a couple other concerns. First of all, what is that thing on the corner table that says "Start Here"? I made the picture bigger but still couldn't quite tell. Just what are you starting there?

Also, and I know, this is the librarian in me speaking, but you should use a bookmark instead of ruining your book by leaving it open like that. I'm not joking. That is really wrong.


Anonymous said...

I think they are better than what lurks under my sofa's slipcover. Someday we'll get new couches, when the cats die and the boy is in college.

Julianne said...

We were very close to buying a very similar couch recently. I sat in the furniture store for over an hour, debating between vanity and those rockin' reclining seats. Vanity won out for me. Do I sit on my couch every night thinking, "Damn. I wish this couch reclined"? Absolutely.

Good decision!

BarbaraCA said...

I don't think they are ugly - I like furniture that resembles some cartoon character!

BarbaraCA said...

I came back to look at the rug. See, a boring, brownish rug would make the couches ugly (ugly by association). A fun rug says "Hey! We are a puffy and comfy sitting option! We have cup holders!"

Jennifer said...

Hey, thanks for the support! Not that I'll need it will all the fluffiness in my lumbar region.


Anonymous said...

Good choice of color - we got a beige microsuede couch when I was pregnant on account of the color of our dog, so that the shedding would match. We even went so far as to bring home samples for her to rub her nose on (as she does to all furniture) to see how the shedding would look.

Fast forward 4 years later, we have 2 kids, no dog, and a very, very stained couch. They say that all stains come out of this "miracle fabric", but that means you have to clean it all the time!

BTW, just read your book and loved it - you hit on some major themes for me, like how do you move from casual friends to "real friends." Like you, I have a small circle, and wondering how to expand it. I realized that the fun I had in high school/college might have made it harder to learn how to do it, b/c the artificial intimacies created by my pastimes (drugs and theatre) don't teach you how to get to know people.

OK, getting way too deep on a post about couches!

Your new fan, (tell Caleb that you are famous to a few people!)
erika carlson

my rarely used blog: www.jerika.net/words

Jennifer said...

You just made my day, Erika!

Tracy said...

OMG. Your dog! Your black-and-white dog. That's *our* dog, exactly. Same size, same colors, same blaze on the face, same silky black ears, everything. What kind is that? Is that Luna?

Our b/w dog -- 1/2 beagle, 1/2 living death -- is like a bad, bad boyfriend. We all love her, and she loves us not at all. But still, she's cute. Cute and pushy. Which wins the race every time.

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