Monday, October 29, 2007

Little Ditties

--Now they (and by they, I mean Newsweek reporters and their sources) are saying that your microbes—your bacteria, your little extra funk—can help determine your happiness. Oh, for cripes.

--Do you know that part in Practically Perfect where I’m throwing a party for two writers who happen to be in Charlottesville for a few days? And that it’s a literary salon? (And that I am about to hit you with a name drop?) They were Miriam Peskowitz and Andi Buchanan, authors and editors of many a fine book, but also the authors of the anticipated and brand-spanking-new The Daring Book for Girls.

--Yesterday, I dawdled on the porch swing with the music playing and Cathi Hanauer’s Sweet Ruin to read. I finished it this afternoon, and boy howdy, was I sad to come to the end. It’s a lovely, sensuous novel about marriage and passion and the roads that might be taken. Loved it.

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