Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Attention, Shoppers

So, enough with the rock-batting debacle, huh? We may or may not have a record now (don’t mess with us—our son can throw stones!), and our credit cards took a hit, but I think it’s done.

So let’s talk about shopping! Elrena Evans tagged me for her meme on being a conscious consumer—i.e., thinking about our purchases. I have to say, travelling this summer really made me aware of buying, mostly because of the fifty pound weight limit on the luggage. When I had to carry or wheel around all my booty, I was forced to really consider if I needed what I was buying. A book for the plane? Yes. Loverly boots? No, damn it.

Sadly, these days, I do not walk the walk of conscious consumerism as much as I’d like to. Here is the meme, so I can show and not tell:

Here's how it works: post the directions on your blog, tell everyone who tagged you, answer the questions, and tag five or more people. That's it!

The purpose of this meme is to inspire some reflection about how we shop and what we purchase. The idea isn't that consumption itself is somehow bad, but that we all
could probably stand to put a little bit more thought into what we buy. And, of
course, it's supposed to be fun.

So here goes! Pick a recent shopping trip -- for clothes, shoes, groceries, doesn't matter. The only guideline is that it will be easier to play if you purchased at least a few things.

Now tell us, about your purchases:
1. What are you proud of?
2. What are you embarrassed by?
3. What do think you couldn't live without?
4. What did you most enjoy purchasing?
5. What were you most tempted by?
(This last one may or may not be an actual purchase!)

Proud of: I bought a minor thing at the drugstore for some friends who are going through a rough patch.

Embarrassed by: All of this shopping was done at big chain stores. I’d like to support the local stuff, but I wished they were grouped as nicely as the CVS and Kroger at Barracks Road Shopping Center. Like Melrose Place’s Amanda Woodward, I am a very important executive and do not have the time.

Couldn’t Live Without: Milk. Plain tea might as well be iced.

Enjoyed: The ingredients for a homemade mac and cheese in the Jamie Oliver cookbook—fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, ruffled pasta shells. It smelled good even in the cart. It made me anticipate dinner, as opposed to the usual dread of cooking it.

Temptation: I could wander around CVS for an hour, particularly in the seasonal aisle and in the lipstick section. I don’t even wear lipstick on a daily basis, but I associate it with going out and having fun, so I enjoy perusing the colors, although I feel like a simpleton when I realize that, like an infant, I’ve spent ten minutes staring at bright, shiny colors. Didn’t do it this time.

I’m not sure who to tag, but if you’re doing the meme, let me know, okay?


Katie said...

Ok, I just thought I would answer here as this seemed fun and I don't have anywhere else to post it. (Also, I am glad the rock-throwing drama ended without too much damage)

We went Halloween costume shopping this weekend. I had ordered Captain Hook and Peter Pan costumes for my twin five yoas.

1. Proud Of: I really like the costumes although was a little disappointed in the quality but what else is new regarding store bought costumes. I always feel this tiny bit of guilt for either not making them or not buying fancier costumes; but, at least I remembered to order something. I'm glad I held out for these costumes and didn't cave for Power Rangers as these are much cuter. I was glad that they fit. I was against the Power Rangers because it makes the boys fight with one another like bear cubs. But as soon as they tried on the costumes they wanted to "DUEL" so it did'nt really matter.

2. Embarrassed: I was embarrassed because I was dumb enough to think that I wouldn't need to buy accessories. I actually thought that the Disney folks would not want me to buy separate items. I thought they would want to save me money. So, I had to drag two boys through Halloween Express while they looked at everything possible. I also had to endure enthusiastic store clerks who tried to convince my boys that they had to have the most expensive swords, pirate hat, and other pirate-esque stuff. Fortunately, Peter Pan only needed a special styled sword. UUGG. I was a bit chafed over the entire cost.

3. Couldn't live without: Well, I could have stuck with the cheap pirate hat that we had at home which we had received as a birthday party gift two years ago, but the one at the store was really funny so I was taken with it. But, I was embarrassed I was such an easy target. Thanks again to Disney for this separate purchase. I mean whoever heard of Captain Hook without a hat.

4. Most enjoy: I love Halloween stuff so buying costumes was a treat.

5. Temptation: I wanted to buy Halloween home decorations because the boys were so excited about them but I passed due to costume costs. I also saw at the counter these fake cigars that looked real and for some reason I wanted to have one of those but I skipped that impulse buy. I have no idea why fake cigars that looked like they were smoldering was of such an interest to me.

Dawn said...

I answered on blog but I cheated.

Leslie Truex said...

Hi Jennifer,
What a coincidence...I ran into your book today and didn't buy it because I was being a conscientious shopper (I was on the hunt for Jessica Seinfeld's book on hiding vegies in my cooking as my kids eat only 5 things and none of them are vegies). Anyway, I had your book in my hand, but I'm trying to break my book addiction so I didn't get it, and have been thinking about it the whole time. I think I'll have to get it tomorrow. If its on my list, its not an impulse buy, right?

Of even more coincidence is that I live just outside of Charlottesville, VA.

Leslie Truex

Julianne said...

CVS is my guilty pleasure too. My husband thinks I'm a lunatic because I look forward to getting my prescriptions filled.

Jennifer said...

The Power Rangers! I will not reveal who, but I knew a child who was sooo into the Power Rangers that he wouldn't give up his Power Ranger PJs and they looked totally like a unitard.

Dawn, I don't think the thrift store is cheating!

Leslie, thanks for putting PPIEW on the list! Hope you like.

And Julianne--I'm with you. When I drop a prescription off and they tell me it'll be an hour, I'm all YESSSS!

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