Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hello, New Zealand! (Now with Updates)

Sometime while I’m sleeping—hours before I start the day that you’re just ending (I think)—I’ll be on Campbell Live on TV3 at 7 pm. I’ll post a link as soon as it comes up. (Unless I’ve made an ass of myself, in which case I’ll try to distract you with other posts.)

Practically Perfect isn’t in bookstores in New Zealand, but if you’re interested, both Whitcoulls online and Seek Books carry it.

You can read an excerpt here, and more about the book here.

But most importantly: Was that thing under my eye (bug bite? impending pimple?) too distracting?

Hey, you couldn't even see the eye thing!

Here it is!

All in all, if I can be so immodest, not too bad. Especially when compared to a radio interview Stephanie and I did years ago on Nanci Olesen's Mombo show, on which I nervously repeated "You know what I'm saying?" What I was saying, dawgs, is that I was happy to take time out of my busy schedule smoking blunts with Snoop to chat.


Julianne said...

I think you did a great job! It's so nice to put a face and a voice to the writing. I looked hard for the blemish, by the way, and couldn't find it :)

I loved the Dr. Phil story. It made me laugh.

What a cool host. Is this the news in New Zealand? How bizarre and refreshing to have the news delivered with a sense of humor.

BarbaraCA said...

Smart! And funny! And as far as I could tell - blemish free!

jessica said...

He said "doggy dog!" He gets to play in our band. IF he calms down a little bit. Plus I've never heard the word "schmuck" delivered in a NZ accent before. Live and learn.

You looked fine, no funky eye thing, and you sounded very articulate, and Mickey's laughing about being "united against Dr. Phil."

Jennifer said...

Thanks, ladies!

I got such a kick out of doing it. I'd never done a satellite interview before and it was like a combination of a radio interview and an eye exam (stare into the big machine!).

Jody said...

You were great! And you know what was the most impressive thing? That by the end of the interview you hadn't started to speak in a New Zealand accent. Very good self control there. (I couldn't believe he said "schmuck" though!)