Friday, March 2, 2007

The Case of the Missing Teachers

Hey, thanks for leaving comments!

I was hoping you could help a sister out with one more thing. I'm trying to find some of my teachers so I can send them a copy of the book when it comes out as a sort of thank you. (I know, I know--gift certificates are the preferred teacher present...)

This is who I haven't been able to find:

Katherine Greig
Arlene Edwards (her maiden name)
Sylvia Leidigh

They taught at New Galilee Elementary School (in western PA) in the late seventies, then later at Big Beaver Elementary. (I'm not making up the name of the school.)

Also: Susan Beasley Brown, who taught at Broad Run High School (in northern VA) in the 1986-87 school year.

If you know these women, would you shoot me an email? It's jennifer at PracticallyPerfectBook dot com.

Thank you kindly.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog! I can't wait for the book to come out!