Friday, May 16, 2008

Exciting and New

I love a new project. I’m working on one right now and am trying to wrap my head around how to structure it. Someday, I keep telling myself, I’ll know this one so well, I’ll be able to describe it in my sleep. As one wise Mr. Michael once put it, “You got to have faith, faith, faith.”

Also? I downloaded a form today titled, “Death_by_mail.” No CODs, huh?


Gina said...

You can't tease like that - what's your next project? I finished PPIEW a few days ago and LOVED it!! Looking forward to the next one!

BarbaraCA said...

Oooh! New projects are so exciting and terrifying!

Jennifer said...

Ooh, thanks!

I can't tell yet if this is some weird personal obsession (can blab all about it) or a potential book (hush your mouth, girl). But it's totally different from PPIEW, in any case.