Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Proof of Minor Ways in Which I Am Optimistic

1. Part of me believes that, sometime in the future, Ann Coulter will announce that she’s been acting for years as a rogue scholar of Constitutional law, testing the limits of free speech.

2. I keep playing Scramble even though it’s physically impossible for me to beat Erin’s score of 274.

3. Raw oysters.


BabelBabe said...

mmmmm. oysters.

Beth Hannon Fuller said...

Well, you can ALWAYS beat me in scrabble! I hope that makes you fell better:)
Bobby and I were watching Hollywood Access last night (that's hoot in itself) and saw high lights of Ann C. on the View. I just want to throw that woman under a train...she probably wouldn't die....because something has replaced her insides. Ohhh, did I just say that?

Jody said...

Do you play scrabble on facebook too? If so I will challenge you to make you feel better.

And I don't understand how anybody gets 274 in scramble. I know it happens because one of my "friends" has doen it. But I secretly believe she might be a witch. (Not on the basis of anything else; just that score in scramble.)

Julianne said...

My, you ARE optimistic. I think that Ann Coulter is proof that Satan exists.