Monday, October 13, 2008

More Time Suck

Okay. I promise I won't become one of those people in your life that keeps forwarding things that are "funny" or "cute" or "something every woman should read." That said:

I'm posting this because if there's anything funnier than babies swearing, it can only be puppies knocking over a liquor store:

On Brené's recommendation, we watched the movie Once this weekend, and, boy howdy, I loved it. Have you seen it? Have you watched this song on YouTube three million times, like I did?


Branodn said...


Gina Kelly said...

Yes I saw it, and how!! Once was my favorite movie of last year, and I can't get enough of the soundtrack. I got to see them perform live here in Minneapolis and Glen H. said that he and Marketa fell in love while making that movie. Pretty sweet stuff.

Hairline Fracture said...

Hahaha! Mole freckle! I'm going to say that the next time I get really pissed--uh, mad.

katie said...

arrived form ordinary courage. thanks for the laugh..and yes i love that song. just rented the movie this weekend and can't stop listening to the soundtrack. you can feel those songs in your bones!