Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look Away

I got nothing to say. I'm writing marketing copy for Brain, Child, which is harder than it seems. Some days, words not work so good for me.

So, I'm directing your attention to the following:

--Jenn Mattern's post on Wall Street. It's the first engaging piece of writing about the economy that I've read in many moons.

--Jody Mace's post on kind of tricking the goyim.

--This thing that I found via Jincy Willet's blog. It's a Photoshopped take on a Mormon ad, although the style will be familiar to anyone with a passing acquaintance with Sunday school. I laughed and laughed and if you don't hear from me in a few days it's only because the Lord has smote me.


Katherine said...

That Sunday School spoof is hysterical. There are a bunch of old posters and such moldering in our church basement... I'd love to see what those photoshoppers could do with them!

Jennifer said...

I love the pose Joseph does.

Gina Kelly said...

I love it - I just saw "Religulous", so anything goes!!