Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things You Should Know About Pit Bulls [with Lipstick]

A common misconception is that Pit Bulls [with lipstick] don't feel pain. Pit Bulls [with lipstick] have the same nervous system as any other breed, and they can and do feel pain.

Allstate (depending on the state) may not insure homes with Pit Bulls [with lipstick] ... The Automobile Club of Southern California will refuse to provide homeowner's insurance if a dog living in the home "looks like a Pit Bull [with lipstick]".

Pit Bulls [with lipstick] have been reported in the news media as "adopting" other species of animals, such as kittens. This is one possible origin of the breed nickname "nanny dog". However, it is more widely accepted that the "nanny dog" nickname comes from the Pit Bull [with lipstick's] innate love and tolerance of children.

The Canadian province of Ontario, on August 29, 2005 enacted a ban on Pit Bulls [with lipstick].

Pit Bulls [with lipstick] are said to be popular with irresponsible owners, who see these dogs as a symbol of status or machismo.

Pit Bulls [with lipstick] are often used for dog fights, due to their strength, courage and widespread availability. Fight training often means using other dogs of the same sex, as most dogs will not show aggression towards the opposite sex.

Most people who own [Pit Bulls with lipstick] direct their dogs' plentiful energy toward nonviolent athletic tasks.

[Thanks, Wikipedia!]


Anjali said...

Thanks for the laugh!

There are no pitbulls, no lipstick, and no pitbulls with lipstick at this house.

BarbaraCA said...

But did you find anything on Pit Bulls [with lipstick] musing on how to ban books/birth control/my right to choose/fresh air and/or polar bears? And how to the ol' PBw/L plan to fix our health care system?

Shalet said...

I would also venture to say that Pitbulls are not nearly so tough as their reputation would suggest, lipstick or not. I would have a pitbull in my house but not one wearing lipstick.