Monday, September 8, 2008

Dear Nicholas,

First of all, welcome to the family. We’re all thrilled to have you.

I know you’re busy being a newborn, but when you get a spare moment, I’d like for you to consider my case for becoming your favorite aunt:

1. I have the experience. I’m the oldest of your aunts, and while Erin and Jill are admittedly more fun than I am, I do bring a certain dedication to the job. For example, a few months ago, you cousin dropped her new mood ring in the public trashcan of a ice-cream/ coffee shop. You know what I did? I fished the ring out of the milky coffee mess at the bottom of the barrel. For real? Yes, sir.

2. I come with a good entourage. I have never known Brandon to turn down a good game of sword-fighting or pretending to be a plastic dinosaur. Caleb has proven himself to be very good with the little ones. Keep in mind: They are both part of the Aunt Jenny package.

3. I have ingredients to make Shirley Temples at my house.

4. You may have heard that I take Caleb to the bus stop in my pajamas, braless, but this should not influence your decision. That’s Caleb’s cross to bear.

5. If you don’t find anything you like on the restaurant menu, I will permit you to order dessert. I will offer you the garnish on my cocktail. I will taste the salsa first to make sure it’s not too spicy for you. When you leave my house, I will make you a small bag of goodies for your trip back home. I’m pretty good at birthday gifts (although I concede that Erin and Jill are my equals in that department). I’m good at tickling, and at the same time sensitive that some people dislike being tickled. I know the names of almost all the dinosaurs and am currently being schooled in Pokemon.

Lots to think about, I know. No rush. Good luck with the sleeping and the eating and the developing!

Your Favorite Aunt

P.S. I know that was a little pre-emptive!
P.P.S. I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow. I adore you already.


Anonymous said...

With my nieces and nephews, I've found that a little bribery (stickers, candy, new books) goes a long way. A lot of bribery goes even further. Allowing a child to have dessert before lunch really gets you the gold.

jamie said...

You are so lucky. Except for the dumpster diving part.

Anjali said...

Oh, how wonderful. Congratulations to Nicholas' favorite aunt.

Beth Hannon Fuller said...

Congratulations Aunt Jenny,
I have to say you are tops in that department!

Jody said...

Hey, you win! You can be my favorite aunt any day! Can I have chocolate in the goody bag? OK, well, I know I'm not as cute as the way, is this the sister who I met, who lives in my town?

BabelBabe said...

um, will you be MY aunt? mine are all kinda old and on the way out, if you know what I mean. I promise to eat all my chicken finger and fries before whining for dessert...