Thursday, August 21, 2008


Caleb started school and I got a little questionnaire back. Question #3: What are your child’s weaknesses?

Well, he’s terrible at bridge.

Changes the radio station if Led Zeppelin comes on. Although that's more of a character flaw than a weakness.

Caleb has a serious weakness for Swedish fish, puppies, and Star Wars Legos.

I’m stymied.


Anjali said...

I hate that question. Definitely write about Led Zeppelin.

BabelBabe said...

I would mention the fish and the Legoes. Key info.

Ask him what HE thinks :)

Hairline Fracture said...

Yeah, that's weird. I would never have asked that when I was teaching. I could usually figure out the kids' weaknesses by myself. ;-) I'd rather hear about the strengths that might not be so obvious.

Jennifer said...

I guess it could be helpful for a seating chart--hey, let's not put Crybaby next to Can't Keep His Hands to Himself. Hmm--who's going to sit next to Rage Issues? Maybe Silent Treatment Boy?

I think it's the wording that threw me. I could see where it'd be helpful to know that someone always takes forever to finish something or whatever. (I say as I dig myself out of being Smart-Ass Parent...)

Jody said...

I get what they're asking, but it's a funny way to say it. If someone asked me about any particular challenges my child faced, it would sound better to me. But maybe I'm just brainwashed to talk pc now.

You really need to work on the Led Zeppelin thing with him though. That's kind of messed up.

jamie said...

Never, ever apologize for being a smartass.

Lauren said...

I have never been asked that question, although that question is probably the subtext behind "Is there anything I should KNOW about your child?"

BabelBabe said...

*I* personally see being a smartass parent is a strength. but what do i know?