Friday, August 29, 2008

The Salsa Stylings of My Boo

If you need a little boogie up in your business, have a listen.

That's Brandon on the trumpet. The group is Conjunto Sason, and this was its practice before playing for the Charlottesville Salsa Club.

I wish I could salsa. But this is how I actually dance:


Your Boo said...

Me Too!

That's why I hide way in the back with my trumpet.

I love you!

Anonymous said...

And to think we thought we looked good! Scary.

Slowly the eighties are coming back--the big shirts and leggings are in the stores now. But, alas, no giant shoulderpads. Bummer.

BarbaraCA said...

Shoulder pads were the BEST!

Beth Hannon Fuller said...

I've been told that I dance like Elaine from the classic Seinfeld episode with thumbs up pterodactyl style.
You go Brandon! Still have that pocket trumpet? I just love saying that, the pocket trumpet.

jamie said...

Bad dancing is the best.

According to my husband, I do this thing where I don't actually move AT ALL from the waist up.

This from the man whose signature move looks like someone casting a fishing rod and then reeling in a big fish.

After a few beers we do great impressions of each other too. We're great at weddings and 40th birthday parties.

jessica said...

Wow, Brandon! Muy bueno!