Monday, June 23, 2008

West Virginia, You Concern Me

Today, we got back from our trip. We set out to see my grandparents, who live in southwestern Pennsylvania. I live in central Virginia. On the map, it doesn’t look very far, but there is a problem, and that problem is West Virginia.

I sent us on the route that took us for hours up the mountain and down the mountain, up the mountain and down the mountain. The scenery was trees. And mountains. And trees. Every once in a while, we’d see a house.

In one yard, there was a man on a riding mower, riding slowly. “Yes, I’m going to mow the lawn,” I said to Brandon. “But, you see, I’m going to do it reeeeeeal slow-like.”

Fifteen minutes later, Brandon asked, “How do these people get groceries?”

Later, we noticed a landscaping trend: partly buried wagon wheels flanking either side of the driveway. “Can you imagine giving directions?” I said. “Drive to the middle of nowhere. Turn left and drive another twelve miles.”

“It’s the one with the wagon wheels,” Brandon said. “No. The other one.”

Hey, I grew up in a little patch in the middle of nowhere that I loved too, but what I’m saying is, unless it’s your own patch, it’s not good driving.

Finally, we hit PA. If you’re around up there, do yourself a favor and get this fish sandwich from the Italian Club. They only have them on Fridays. Caleb recommends the shrimp.

I’ll back back, once I dig myself out of the mountain of vacation laundry.


attiton said...

OK, OK, OK. I just have to comment about New Galilee Borough. It looks like a fabulous place. This piece of information, however, is so foreign to my city-lubbing heart that I have to ask about it:

"Garbage Collection
Fee $115.00 per year per household
Contact Barbara Frum if interested."

If interested? What do the New Galileeans do if not? I feel so hopelessly out-of-touch...

Just so you know that I am not totally disinterested in asking this question, I'm actually very interested in moving to Pittsburgh. As a Western Pennsylvanian, do you like it there?

Jennifer said...

Well, when we lived there (late '70s, early '80s), I'm pretty sure you burned your trash in the special trash-burning pit in the backyard, and what wasn't burned, you took the dump yourself.

Another reason I love New Galilee (pop. 500) is that I actually know Barb Frum, the mama of my childhood pal.

But this is pretty much out in the country. I'd only ever been to the Pittsburgh Zoo--but I know there have to be some Pittsburghers reading. Reviews, ladies?

attiton said...

Thanks, Jennifer. Always happy to learn something new.

If any Pittsburghers are reading, don't hesitate to take Jennifer up on her offer! I'll check back here from time to time to see if anyone follows up.

Julianne said...

Here in Tennessee it's quite popular to have toilets brimming with perennials and old bed frames used as borders for gardens and flower beds in the yards of the country folks. We've got wagon wheels too, lots and lots of them.