Thursday, June 26, 2008

Suggestions, Please

I finished The Devil in White City not too long ago, and I really loved it. The new project I’m working on is kind of a historical mystery (we’ll see—history seems to take a while to move in the mail). In the meanwhile, I’m reading. If you know of any historical non-fiction mysteries you found enjoyable, I’d love the suggestion.

Today I bought some notecards to file the many facts I plan to amass. “If you’re not 100% happy with this Staples brand product, just return it anytime. It’s that easy,” the label reads. I’m trying to think of how someone could be disappointed in their notecards.

Dear Staples: My notecards smell “funny.”

Dear Staples: My notecards are too white.

Dear Staples: My notecards emit a high-pitched whining noise.

Dear Staples: My notecards are tempting me with their suggestive sexual behavior.

I’d best get back to work.


Heather said...

Carter Beats the Devil. It rocks the heyouse.

jessica said...

The Shadowcatcher, by Marianne Wiggins. Sort of fiction/nf hybrid with creative formatting thrown in.

It's also rocks el house.

Andi said...

Here are a few of my kept-me-on-the-edge-of-my-seat favorites:

The Family That Couldn't Sleep
A Sense of The World
Under the Banner of Heaven
The Great Influenza

Can't wait to read what you're writing!

Jennifer said...

Oh, you rock. I cannot wait to dig in!

Jody said...

How about "My notecards are blank. I was expecting them to come with notes for my project on them."

jessica said...

Oh! "The Worst Hard Time," about the dustbowl.

Not exactly a mystery, but what great historical narrative nonfiction.

When I come visit your house next year for the Charlottesville book festival (I got a pub date!!) can I just disappear into your historical narrative books?

BabelBabe said...

The Ghost Map was good.

And The Alienist was worth a look - fiction but based on real people. it's a fast read.