Friday, December 7, 2007

Holiday Cheer

Yesterday, Caleb’s teachers sent home his Thanksgiving project, a little folder with his story of our family tradition (we go up to my mom’s house for “3-5 days”) and pictures on both the front and inside. Inside, our extended family was drawn, with the curious exceptions of Brandon and my brother-in-law Mike. (Pity they couldn’t make it.)

On the front was a drawing of a turkey, a thought bubble coming from his head. I hope I don’t die like the other turkeys did. UH OH!

Uh oh, indeed. I’d best get cracking on some new traditions.


ChrEliz said...

I love your blog. I'm finally commenting because I made my mom a similar card when I was about 5: "Merry Christmas, from your dinner. Love Bessie (the cow)" with a picture of a cow with her legs in the air, xx's for eyes. *laughing*! No surprise that I became a vegetarian as soon as I set foot on campus freshman year! Great Thanksgiving card. Thanks for the chuckle!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the kinds words!

I love your card--here, have my LIFE for Christmas!

Anjali said...

There's always tofu turkey... I haven't tried it yet, but maybe next year!