Saturday, December 1, 2007

Book Club

Warning, y’all: This is more of a reference post. And by “reference,” I mean “necessary self-promotion that nonetheless makes me feel uncomfortable which is why I could never be a politician or a professional wrestler.”

So, let’s say you belong to a book club. Let’s say it’s the sort that decides the whole year’s list in December. And let’s say the paperback of Practically Perfect in Every Way comes out in May 2008 (and in the winter issue of Brain, Child, there’s a super deal on the hardback with any subscription or renewal). You see where I’m going with this.

I’m pretty sure the paperback will not have a readers’ guide in the back, and frankly, it’s fine by me. Readers’ guides tend to smack of reading comprehension exams, and you know what? Ain’t nothing wrong with being a skimmer.

But, if you’re thinking that maybe PP could be your book club friends’ cup of tea, here are some topics addressed in the book that (obv.) interested me:

--Do you believe that, if one detail of your life was different, you could be living a completely different life than the one you have? Also, do you believe that consciously changing one aspect of the way you live could change you whole life?

--Do you believe in luck? (I do. Oprah, among others, does not.)

--What is happiness to you?

--Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you think it affects your happiness overall?

--Can a person be concerned too much about her worries?

--Can a person concentrate too much on other people’s worries?

--Have you done any self-help? Well… what did you think of it?

That’s for starters.

Also, I understand that you might just want to sit around with you friends without my worming in to your party, but if you do happen to want to have me there (if you’re local to Charlottesville) or have me call in (if you’re not), we might be able to make it happen. Shoot me an email, okay?


Anjali said...

Just finished the book myself and loved it. I'm looking to start a book club...If it comes together I'll let you know -- I think PP makes a great book club book.

jessica said...

I know people who are in book clubs - although I tend to forget who they are, which is something I need to learn to get past in my own interest - but when it comes up, which it will during the holiday get togethers, I will suggest & endorse PP. And even tell these folks that a real-live writer will talk to them!

Elrena said...

Oooh, I was just thinking the other day that I should rustle up some book-club friends. If I pull it off, I'll let you know!

Jennifer said...

Thanks a million!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oooh... me! me! My book club would totally go for that. Problem is, we're in Arlington, and mapquest tells me that is 115 miles away. Probably 100 miles farther than local. Bummer. I'll check around and see if anyone has a speaker phone... it's not me : )

In the meantime, I'll just say that I sure did love your book! I also just read the mysteriously disappearing "Secret" essay on bloglines... hee hee.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Elizabeth!

And the disappearing post...poster's remorse, I guess. Another one tomorrow, come hell or high water. Unless it's a snow day, then all bets are off.

Rachel said...

I was at the Mothers and More meeting you spoke at outside of Philly and loved hearing you talk about the book. So I was quite excited the other day when I saw it not just on the shelf at Borders but prominently displayed at both the end AND cover facing outward on the regular shelf! Just thought I'd let you know.

Bryanne said...

Well said.