Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stems in the Tide

Beth Kohl (of Embryo Culture and this post) has a great piece up on The Huffington Post about the possibility that science can get stem cells from menstrual periods. Writes Beth: “That sticky glop is brimming with the most valuable resource on earth. No, no. Don't swish it in a pan seeking gold nuggets or siphon it into your gas tank. But, thanks to Cryo-Cell International Inc., you can now consider it a rich river of stem cell juice.”

I loved the gas tank imagery. Whatcha doing in the driveway, hon? With, uh, the tube?

And… poof. There go my male readers.


Anjali said...

I loved Embryo Culture. Kohl takes a complicated scientific subject and introduces sarcasm and wit. I wish she'd explain all scientific things to me.

Julianne said...

LOL. Love the gas tank imagery too. I heard Kohl on NPR. I added that book to my never ending "to read" list.