Friday, April 27, 2007

Everybody's Linking for the Weekend

The fabulous Catherine Newman wrote a column about the various grades of joy. It's some good stuff. One of the things she brings up is getting so happy that you cry. I'm not sure that's ever happened to me. (One time I laughed so hard, I got hysterical, but given that it was over a picture of my sisters and me, in which were wearing sweaters with matching berets, I think it's understandable.)

Have I pointed out that Catherine, Jenn Mattern, and I will be reading together in June? Can I guarantee it'll be a good time? Oh, I think I can.
If you're keeping up with the issues from the Polemics for Parents post, Leslie Bennetts responds to the NYT article.
In a prose rut? Barbara Card Atkinson is having a haiku contest. There is a prize.
Speaking of the tickling of the funny bone, here's a little something for fans of teen culture, the occult, or rap battles of the fiercest nature. Yes. Top that.


Anonymous said...

That Catherine Newman thing is fabulous, you're right.

And just so you know, your friend Marlee ALWAYS cries when she laughs really hard. Or maybe you knew that already.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Marlee--you talk a tough game...

Hope to see you soon!