Sunday, May 24, 2009

For Your Pleasure

There's not much going on with me. I learned a new way to brush my teeth so as to prevent gum recession. Okay, we're caught up now.

--I recently learned of Awkward Family Photos from my pal Lee's Facebook page, and I love.

--This collaboration between The Blackout Project and the UVA Jazz Ensemble is very good.

--Perhaps you will have some use for this:

funny animated gif


Melissa said...

Wait, what's the toothbrushing method?

Jody said...

Yeah, I want to hear more about the toothbrushing. I'm a bit obsessive about toothbrushing and it bothers me to think there might be anothe aspect to be obsessed about and I might not know it.

Jennifer said...

It's kind of weird to go decades of your life, pretty sure that you know how to wield a toothbrush and then have to change. But this is what my hygienist told me:

1. Put toothpaste on the brush and without wetting it, brush the molars (the opposite side of the root).

2. Wet it then, if you like. Wiggle the bristles against the gum line but don't use big strokes. (I wiggle all of the top ones, do the next step, then repeat on the bottom).

3. Starting at the gum line, brush downward with a twist of the wrist, kind of like starting a car ignition. For the front four teeth, take the brush heel to toe, since the other method doesn't work well.

4. Rinse. Floss.

It's kind of a pain in the ass until it becomes second nature, but I'm hoping it pays off.

It's dizzying, this life of mine.

Jody Mace said...

Thanks! I'm really big on dental hygiene so this is good stuff. Maybe a video would help though.

Jennifer said...

I couldn't find an instructional video. But this one's for you, Jody:

Maggie May said...

I stumbled here, hi. I love that 'haters gonna hate' - and your blog is great. You have a vivid voice. nice to 'meet' you. ...maggie may