Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When I was in elementary school, there came a time when some teacher had the idea that we all must bring in displays related to our hobbies. I was stumped. I liked to read, but we had all seen a pile of books before at the school library. I liked to ride my bike, but it didn't seem so much a hobby as what kids were supposed to do. I wasn't a gymnastics buff or horse lover or softball player.

I decided to just make up a hobby. I would be a cartoonist. Why, how surprised all my friends would be to discover that I had a secret life, kicking back on Sunday mornings, just me and my pens, doodling up some art, jotting down some bons mots! I started studying the Sunday cartoon section. After one weekend, I had a new "hobby," enough evidence to bring to school to pass off this secret life, and the most rudimentary ideas on how to draw Garfield and The Family Circus family.

Speaking of The Family Circus? I cannot get enough of this.


BabelBabe said...

I totally love you for this, and that you pulled it off. I would've been in the same boat and just been a weird gibbering mess.

roberta said...

I'm sending that link to EVERYONE. Thanks for helping me spread the rumor that my humor extends beyond fart jokes and self-deprecating stories about what a pigsty my house is!

Well Read Hostess said...

That's not Roberta's comment. I forgot to sign my friend out of my computer. It's MINE.

Julianne said...

Damn! I was never so clever. I'd lug in my copies of the "Little House..." series and claim to be a reader.

jessica handler said...

omg that is sickly funny or funnily sick. Am sending the link to many people now, and holding you responsible.

We had that hobby day, too, sort of. I brought in our family doctor to speak to the class.

That's sort of sick, too.