Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am not buying Christmas presents yet. I’m still very much in the mode of buying presents for myself, like the bundle of eight karaoke CDs I got two weekends ago.

I was happy to see how many songs I knew on them, but once we popped those babies in the machine, I was surprised to see the lyrics and the strange sort of plotlines for songs I thought I knew. For example:

--“Name” by the Goo Goo Dolls: A song dedicated to a relative or childhood friend who’s, frankly, a little obsessed with anonymity and is in need of a vacation.

--“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”: A couple has absolutely nothing in common except they both have fond feelings for one movie.

--“Getting’ Jiggy Wit It”: Will Smith dips into his generous well of self-esteem.

--“Where Have All the Cowboys Gone”: An old-timey woman is disillusioned when the terms of the relationship she insisted upon set her up for an unsatisfying life some years down the road.

--“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”: Man watches woman sleeping, foregoes own sleep. In my opinion, creepy.


Happy Thanksgiving! Would it be cheesy for me to say that I’m grateful that I got to meet you peeps, whether through your blogs or comments or in real life? And that meeting you really does enrich my life? Well, too late. I already said it. Ha!

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